Ensuring Safety on the Road: A Guide for Truckers by Brent Higgins Trucking

Vigilance and safety go hand in hand in the realm of trucking. Being acutely aware of your surroundings is paramount to your profession. This vigilance extends beyond the confines of your rig and reaches into every moment of your journey. At Brent Higgins Trucking in Mulberry, AR, we would like to delve into essential safety measures that can make all the difference in ensuring your safety on the road. 

Stay Vigilant and Aware 

No matter the time or place, maintaining a keen awareness of your surroundings is non-negotiable. Your vigilance and quick thinking can avert a potential threat. Always stay prepared to defend yourself, and never underestimate the power of intuition. 

Use Common Sense 

In the world of trucking, common sense is an invaluable asset. Keeping yourself out of harm’s way involves making sound decisions. Choose well-lit, populated areas for stops, especially at night. Avoid divulging sensitive information about your cargo and equipment in public spaces where ill-intentioned individuals might be listening. Dress inconspicuously, safeguard your keys, and keep a charged cell phone nearby.

Safety During Rest Stops and Sleep

Rest areas can pose risks, especially when darkness falls. Exercise caution and avoid poorly lit or deserted rest areas whenever possible. A well-prepared approach can be your lifeline in vulnerable moments.

Fatigue can be a potential hazard, increasing vulnerability to attacks. Establish habits that reinforce security, such as automatically locking doors and securing your cargo. Conceal valuables and create the illusion of occupancy within your cab by keeping curtains drawn. Your safety is paramount, so be prepared to act decisively in the face of adversity.

Avoid Walking Safely Between Trailers 

Walking between trailers warrants particular caution. Potential threats may lurk under trailers or on catwalks. Experienced drivers know the value of a thorough safety assessment before stepping out into the unknown. 

Enhancing Visibility: Be Seen and Stay Safe 

Visibility is a crucial element of personal safety. Dress in reflective clothing and remain in open, well-lit spaces to deter assailants and reduce the risk of accidents. Prioritize safety during pre-trip inspections by selecting secure, well-populated areas for these essential checks.

Make Noise When Necessary

Criminals thrive in silence, but noise disrupts their plans. Make a lot of noise if faced with an attack, utilizing tools like alarms or creating loud sounds to draw attention. In challenging situations, yelling “Fire!” can be more effective than just calling for help, ensuring a swift and effective response.

Navigating the Trucking Terrain Responsibly

In the dynamic world of trucking, where the open road holds both promise and potential risks, vigilance and safety are not just values but a way of life. At Brent Higgins Trucking in Mulberry, AR, we are passionate about cultivating a safety-centric culture. Your journey isn’t merely confined to the hours on the road; it extends to every aspect of your day, calling for a heightened sense of awareness. Stay vigilant and alert, making safety your constant companion.


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